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A domain name is the address of your website such as:

There are three parts to a domain name as follows:
  • www – the subdomain
  • fred-blogs-widgets – domain name
  • com – top level domain name (TLD)
Collectively, the domain name + top-level domain are known as the root domain.

The https:// is known as the protocol.

There are more than 1,000 TLDs! .uk, .dog, .online, .tv to name but a very few. Domain names are unique and you should choose your domain name wisely – it may be with you for a very long time. Make your domain name brandable – choose one that actually sounds like a brand. Choose one that is easy to pronounce – people are more able to remember what they can read. Think of an occasion when you were introduced to someone with a foreign, difficult to spell and pronounce name – did you remember it accurately? Did you remember at all? Most of us would not.

Try and keep it short – easier to type and remember.

Importance of the domain name

Whilst there are over 1,000 TLDs as mentioned previously, .com is the one most embedded in our common understanding.

A domain name that tells people the nature of your business is also going to be helpful.

Whilst domain names are less important than they once were for SEO, anchor text (the text that is hyperlinked) will be useful for SEO.

Most domain registrars will hook you in with a very cheap – or even free - first year cost. After the first year you’ll find they will charge a lot more. However, in the big scheme of things it is a very small annual cost compared to what you should be earning through your online sales revenue.

There are numerous domain name registrars and many also often offer hosting. However, whilst this offers many conviences, I would always recommend keeping domain names and hosting with separate companies. You’re not held over a barrel so much if there are contractual issues – you can easily point your name servers to a different hosting company.

Sometimes you may consider purchasing an existing domain name if it suits your purposes. Longevity is one of the factors involved in Google ranking algorithm – longer established sites are considered more credible. Some domain names are up for sale at very high $figures. Indeed, some people register domain names with a view to selling them at a much higher price later.

We want to ensure that your site has a fully qualified domain name – www.your-site-name.whatever 

Whilst Google Chrome may not display the www. You can see if it’s there – if you click into the address bar, the www may show up. If you configure a content delivery network, it may insist on the www.

As you will see later, in WordPress we will configure https:// and www.

IP Adresses

Domain names are for humans to use – behind the domain name is what is known as an IP address – internet protocol address. It is a number used to label any device connected to a network on which the internet protocol is used. Information is transmitted over the internet in packets. Each packet contains the actual data that is being transmitted but also a header, the IP address of the device that sent the packet (source) and the IP address of where the packet is heading (destination).

There are two versions of IP addresses – IPv4 and IPv6, they look like this:

If you think back to Bits ‘n’ bytes, you can possibly see that IPv4 has 232 possible addresses, whilst IPv6 has 2128 possible addresses which offers a vastly greater range of addresses to assign to unique devices across the globe.

 The latter offers a vastly greater range of addresses to assign to unique devices across the globe.

IP addresses are assigned by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority – the following provides a list of how ranges of numbers are allocated to regions:

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