First Things First – Look After All Those Passwords!

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Congratulations for taking steps towards progressing your knowledge and skills in the exciting and lucrative world of digital marketing!

Now, this lesson isn't going to be one of the more interesting ones, however, it is an essential one.

In your work ahead you're going to be accessing numerous websites - WordPress, social media, graphics and video resources, online tools, hosting, domain registrations, Google Drive(s) and so on. You may be creating multiple accounts on some platforms and you need to stay organized, safe and secure. You need a way to keep track of your passwords and usernames, and often you'll want to keep some notes such as date account opened, anyone you spoke to and other relevant information.


I hence recommend installing the free LastPass Google Chrome extension. This will keep your login details safe and secure and generate obfuscated passwords when you need them. It allows you to organise your passwords into folders and you can store notes with each entry.

Here's a product video:

For about £30/year you can get the app for smartphones and tablets so that you can easily access websites from whichever device you're using.

If your device uses fingerprint recognition then LastPass can be configured also to use this to allow you to log in. LastPass also offers two-factor authentication which is where a secondary identification form is required such as fingerprint after password, text message or possibly a passcode generated by an authenticator app on your phone such as the Google Authenticator app.

I do recommend this for the additional layer of security it adds, albeit a tad inconvenient at times.

  • 👍TIP – The other cool feature is that you can share login details with team members without them seeing passwords, but they can still login to websites.

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LastPass is a freemium password manager that stores encrypted passwords online. The standard version of LastPass comes with a web interface, but also includes plugins for various web browsers and apps for many smartphones.

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