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The world of the internet is an amazing bazaar of every conceivable thing you can imagine and infinitely more that you have yet to imagine. Now, I dislike cliches but never has there been a time when there is more opportunity to do business online than right now. And that sentence will be increasingly true tomorrow, the day after and the day after that. During the COVID-19 pandemic, most online businesses have thrived.

With selling products or services through your own online store (e-commerce), fulfilment by Amazon (FBA - which is where you ship goods to Amazon's warehouses and Amazon displays your products on their website, then pick, ship them to customers and deal with returns all for a cut of the money), through to affiliate marketing (this is where you promote/ advertise other people's products or services in return for a commission payment when there is a sale), there are many ways to make money - a LOT of money - if you successfully trade online.

Choose your preferred approach and get started! With all of the above, you will need to do some marketing and advertising of your products or services and how you approach this will vary widely on what you do and what your objectives are. Brand building, brand awareness, sales, commissions, all of these will require that you learn some basic information technology (IT) skills. And depending on where you start, there can be a lot of different things to learn. But learn you will, with my help 🙂

Learn What You Do Best

With so much to know from registering a domain, building a website, advertising on Facebook, you need to decide what you are good at and what aspects you enjoy most - decide where your strengths are best applied and then outsource the rest.

In the early days when cash is scarce, chances are you'll need to do as much as possible yourself. But please still consider your hours and how you spend them. If it is going to take you two hours to produce a video that someone on Fiverr can do for $5, think carefully of what gives better value, which approach gets you closer - and by closer, I mean sooner - to the money!

You certainly don't have to be a techie but it helps to have some basic understanding of working with PCs and the internet. You do need to get at least a good understanding of the various skills and technologies involved and be well organised to keep track of everything - there are a lot of things to keep track of.

  • 👍 TIP – There are tons of free tools online, downloads and other resources available to you and new ones that come along every day. I use probably 50-100 on a regular basis and the list changes all the time as new and better ones are introduced.

The Opportunities are Endless!

The internet world is exciting, ever-changing and presents an almost infinite opportunity for you to dive into and make money.

Hopefully, I have whetted your appetite to start and given you a brief insight into what you'll need to know.

Wishing you every success!

Best wishes,

Paul Jordan

Owner and Trainer
[email protected]

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