Uploading Your Webpage to Your Hosting Provider

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OK, so we have successfully created a simple web page on your pc, made edits, viewed the page in your web browser and learned how to refresh the page.

Now we are going to upload the index.html page to your domain and repeat the exercises. You will see that it is very similar – only instead of displaying the web page stored locally on your computer, we are going to view it on our hosting server.

If we want to make changes to the web page we can either make the edits to the file on our computer and upload again (overwriting the page on the web server) or we make edits locally directly on the web server – which is simpler – as we shall see.

Upload Your Page!


So, firstly login to your hosting account and select the domain you are going to work with for this lesson.

Note that public_html is the folder where you need to store index.html for it to work properly when you enter the domain name onto your web browser.

As you can see, I have been using this domain: https://www.myoffer04.online/
for other purposes and there are files and folders already present.


However, notice that there is no index.html file. There are a couple of files starting with “index”. Hence, when I enter https://www.myoffer04.online/ into my browser

I get to see this:

This is the default page that SiteGround put there – your hosting provider may be different.

Note also that when I enter:

And hit return, I see this:

404 is an error you will see occasionally – it basically means you are trying to access a page that is not there, which right now is true. The internet is littered with these and they are a bad thing – when Google indexes a website and finds links to pages that don’t exist, it doesn’t look good. Sometimes pages are deleted or renamed or it might be that the link was wrong in the first place. I will explain (hyper)links in a subsequent lesson soon.


So now we are going to upload the index.html file from your computer to the web host. Click File upload:

And you should be presented with the familiar file open dialogue box:


Click on index.html and then click Open. In my case I get a confirmation message that says: "1 File is Uploaded Successfully"

And my file is here:


When I refresh my browser (F5) I now see:

You will of course note that the apostrophe isn’t displayed correctly, this is because apostrophe is a special character and is handled a little different by the web server. And I forgot to put the < back in front of H1. 


So I am going to do a local edit on the webserver:


I saved the file, refreshed my browser and now see this:

I just looked up the html code for apostrophe here:  https://www.html.am/reference/html-special-characters.cfm
There are many reference sites out there on the net for this type of thing.

That's it!

You have successfully created and uploaded your first home page webpage to your domain! Congratulations!

  • 👍 TIP – After you have built a website or outsourced the work, you should review every single page and click every link to make sure it works.

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