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Hello, I'm Paul Jordan, thank you for taking the time to read this, I know your time is precious and I respect you're no doubt busy with life.

Way too many training courses out there are full of fluff and padding, heavy on waffle and lightweight on actionable content. I've watched video courses from some heavily marketed courses with hours of video content that drones on and on ... and on, without providing actionable content or at best very little. I watched one module recently which sounded promising and when it came to the crunch the guy stumbled through the part I wanted to see, skipped the key steps and kind of made excuses that he'd go into more detail later. And then didn't. This is one of the few modules where you'll find me providing content that isn't directly actionable.

Meet Your Instructor

So, just who is Paul Jordan? OK, I'll tell you what I know. Born in London, graduated in Plymouth, Devon, UK with a degree in electrical and electronic engineering. This is where I first became fascinated by computers, micro-processors and programming. I initially worked in writing software for controlling manufacturing plants, oil and gas plants, refineries and pharmaceuticals production. I then moved into the world of the web, and coded my first ever web site using notepad - this was my then proud result for my very first client:

At the time it was exciting and I was very proud, now it is shameful by today's standards. Although things have moved on massively since then, the HTML in that page is pretty much the same today.

The Background Story

I moved into project management for a private sector company that delivered web-based IT projects into government organisations. This saw me work on some of the most exciting IT projects ever including number plate recognition systems for the Home Office and all UK Police forces. These were used in counter-terrorism cases. I signed the Official Secrets act so if I told you more, I'd have to kill you 😉 Joking aside, it felt good to be seeing our company be hugely profitable whilst delivering something of genuine help to society. My Managing Director was super proud of the thousands of arrests the Police had made as a result of using our systems.

Online marketing seemed like a natural step to take since it is a mix of technical skills and creativity for marketing and selling online. It is an endlessly fascinating and lucrative place in which to become involved.

It provides huge freedom and there are seemingly endless opportunities. People have made fortunes selling eye-lash extensions, dog training courses, legal services, plus any number of other products and services. With half the world's population online and the number of users growing by the second, there is so much one can do!

I love the whole experience, always something new to learn, highly dynamic and can fit around the life you want to have.

The Internet is full of opportunities!

Whilst it can seem overwhelming at first, if you think about everything you have learned so far in your life from how to walk to reading, writing, driving and doing your current job, you will realise you have immense learning capacity. All you need is the desire to learn and the time to do it! Plus some help, which Is what I am here for. I thoroughly enjoy teaching others and helping them along their journey to success. When you get stuck, when you're on the paid-up course you can contact me here for a video call, email me or just plain call me on the phone and I will help you any way I can. I am fortunate to have a broad skillset and a lot of online experience and whilst I do not pretend to know everything, I can usually find out. But wherever I can, I want to encourage you to learn and become self-sufficient and solve your own problems. And point you in the right direction when needed.

I teach you some fundamental knowledge which I see skipped in most other courses. Arguably you don't need to know all the details I teach, but I believe you should have a basic awareness. It will give you the edge and help you understand the many different aspects of digital marketing. Remember, you aren't necessarily expected to do everything that needs to be done, you will be learning to Outsource as much as possible – I cover this in a later lesson and provide all the templates you need for this.

OK, that's probably enough from me for now. I look forward to seeing you later in the subsequent lessons.

  • 👍 TIP – When you get stuck, when you're on the paid-up course, you can contact me here for a video call, email me or just plain call me on the phone and I will help you any way I can.

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