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With so much to do when you're creating an advertising campaign, you need to push your productivity levels to the best they can be. You will be registering domains, creating web pages, creating Facebook ads, creating images and videos for those, writing copy, and keeping track of all your digital assets. There is a lot of work!

I am fortunate to have worked in IT for years and so I have many skills embedded from my days as a software engineer and project manager - I have produced countless documents over the years and have learned a trick or two.

For me, knowing Windows keyboard shortcuts saves me a ton of time and effort. Being able to select text from a website, copy and paste it to a spreadsheet, move things around and work smart has helped me work quickly. Also, creating templates in Word and Excel have helped enormously. The templates I use have evolved over years of working and I still tweak them from time to time.

The very minimum shortcuts you really must get to know

  • Double-Click Mouse - selects a word on a page
  • Triple-Click Mouse - selects sentence or paragraph on a page
  • Ctrl+A - select All - selects everything on the page
  • Ctrl+C - copies the selected items (and stores on the Windows Clipboard)
  • Ctrl+V - pastes the copied item
  • Ctrl+X - cuts the selected items
  • Alt+Tab - switch the active window
  • Ctrl+Tab - cycles between browser tabs

I highly recommend you practise these because they will save you a lot of time

There are many other shortcuts in Windows, some of which I use regularly and some never at all. There may be particular tasks you find yourself doing that would justify learning some of the other shortcuts.

Word and Excel also make it very easy to add buttons to toolbars to quickly access specific features and actions. I use several, paste without formatting is one I use a lot.
A comprehensive list is provided here - even I was amazed at some of the shortcuts available.

  • 👍TIP – I strongly recommend you invest in a second monitor if you haven't already got one. I promise you, life will be so much easier. The very best way to learn is by doing. With two monitors you can watch a tutorial on one screen and then carry out the actions yourself on the other screen. There are numerous applications. Get a decent size screen with the highest resolution your graphics card will support. You may be spending a lot of time in front of the PC so this will be a very worthwhile investment.

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