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End of the Free Lessons!

So, you've been through my free lessons which lay down some foundations before launching full-on into the rest of the course.

I've offered this at no cost so that you can decide if this course is right for you. You'll see that my lessons are to the point and broken down into digestible chunks. Your time is precious and I respect that. I've very consciously ensured that no fluff or padding has found its way in to dilute my lessons. I've seen too many courses filled with needless waffle and highly diluted content. That's not how I like to deliver good training material. I have condensed a massive amount of knowledge into just hours of content. Other courses take 10 times the amount of time to cover less ground. So be sure to measure the value of courses not by the hours of video you get but by the knowledge you gain.

Digital marketing involves a lot of files and computer work so the various shortcuts I've taught you will pay dividends in getting things done regardless of what you do next. In any given marketing campaign you'll be either doing the work yourself or outsourcing it, there will be web pages, graphics, photos, videos, Facebook Ads, and numerous other tasks to accomplish, all of which require fairly intensive working at the computer. I've shown you how to do this efficiently.

You understand what a web page is, how to create and host a simple web page. Although you won't be building web pages this way going forward, this has taught you some extremely valuable and fundamental lessons on managing websites and web pages.

The really exciting and valuable knowledge lies in the lessons ahead. WordPress, Facebook ads, social media - it's all covered in the remaining modules.
  • 👍 And the one thing you get that no other course offers is access to me personally to help you one-to-one when you get stuck, need advice or support. Through zoom calls or remote logins, I am here to help you overcome all obstacles and ensure you successfully learn all you need to become a highly competent digital marketer!

Full Digital Marketing

This is an easy to follow course that is free of fluff and padding with video content that shows you hands-on how to do all the things you need to become a highly successful digital online marketer!

Each video lesson is backed up with written content and in some modules an eBook.

Lessons are bite-sized and designed to be digestible in one session. Little and often is the philosophy.

Each course comes with a coupon code that grants you free access to Paul. So if you need any further help or support in steps you are implementing for yourself, someone is at hand to help and guide you.

The great thing with video is that you can go back and re-watch it, pause it, rewind or fast-forward as often as you like.

A number of the earlier modules are provided completely free to give you a taster and help you decide if it's for you.

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