Want to create a business online but don't know where to start?

We at Learn Digital Marketing believe that it is our mission to help those who are just starting their internet marketing journey. With our Complete Digital Marketing Course, you can learn all about how to get started online, without all the fluff! 

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We Built This Course With You in Mind.

With other Digital Marketing courses, their focus lies heavily on philosophy or abstract concepts that give a broad, more general idea of what a Digital Marketer should be. With this course, it is our goal to give you practical, actionable steps to become a master of marketing on the internet, all while assisting you with actual call time on zoom, if ever you get stuck on something or just want to learn more. 

  • 55 full text and video lessons
  • 12 complete eBooks that cover the most important factors of digital marketing
  • 12 templates to help you create content or create a workflow for your campaigns
  • 5 hours of Zoom call time for Gold members 

"Way too many training courses out there are full of fluff and padding, heavy on waffle and lightweight on actionable content. I've watched video courses from some heavily marketed courses with hours of video content that drones on and on ... and on, without providing actionable content or at best very little."

Paul Jordan

Digital Marketer

It's Our Job to Make You The Best Digital Marketer You Can Be.

Sometimes, lessons and videos don't cut it when it comes to really getting an education in Digital Marketing. That's why we provide a more engaged learning experience, with eBooks and Templates as supplementary resources, and Zoom call time to really get to connect and understand where you get stuck or have trouble kicking off your Digital Marketing career.

Our Lessons

The backbone of any training course, this is the list of the topics we find to be essential for any Digital Marketer. In a chronological order that makes logical sense - from the basics to more advanced topics, and with follow along guides that help you get a feel of using the tools of the trade, this is the set of topics we selected to get you up and running as a Digital Marketer right after you finish the last lesson.


What I Cover in the Complete Course

Getting Started Online

First Things First – Look After All Those Passwords!

Work Fast, Work Smart With Keyboard Short-Cuts and Mouse Clicks

Being Organised – Naming Conventions, Managing Your Digital Assets

Bits ‘n’ Bytes, What You Need to Know

All About Bandwidth

Domain Names and Registration

Configuring Name Servers

What is Hosting and How to Choose a Good Provider

Brief Explanation Of What The Internet is and How it Works

The Components Of a Web Page – The Key Tags to Know About

Building The Simplest Web Page Using Notepad

Uploading Your Webpage to Your Hosting Provider

Add a Page With a Hyperlink, Upload and Test

Understanding Caching and How to Use

You’ve Come To the End of the Free Lessons, What’s Next?

Introduction to WordPress – Installing and Using a Theme, Making Edits

WordPress Plugins

Website Checklist


My Preferred Web Page Builder

What is a Content Delivery Network and When to Use

The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – What it is and How to Do it

Website Organisation and Data Architecture

Creating Creatives – How to Do Your Own Images, Graphics Photos and Videos

Interactive Video

Graphics and Video Resources

Tools Of The Trade – Websites, More WordPress Plugins, Downloads, Chrome Browser Extensions

Copywriting – Words That Sell

How to Write a Blog Post That Flies!

E-Commerce Sites, Online Payments

Email Addresses and Email Forwarders

Email Service Providers (ESP) and Auto-Responders

Customer Avatars (AKA Personas) and Why You Need to Create Them

Introduction to Facebook

Facebook Advertising

Advanced Facebook Ads

Facebook Targeting Tools

Facebook Pixel and Retargeting

Conversion Rate Optimisation and A/B testing

How to Calculate Your Profit or Loss – Funnel Stages

Site and Page Speed Optimisation

Affiliate Marketing

Viral Marketing – Incentivised Sharing


How to Setup and Use Google Analytics

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Strategy and Tools to Use

Books – Recommended Reading For Marketing Online and Self-Improvement



What Are You Waiting For?

The world of business and marketing are all transitioning into the digital space. Let us help you eliminate the guesswork and start mastering skills for Digital Marketing, so you can hit the ground running and become the best Digital Marketer you can be! 

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