Learn Digital Marketing Lesson List


A short welcome to the course.

What I Cover in the Complete Course

I identify the different subjects covered in the course.

Getting Started Online

Discuss the different ways of making money through online marketing.

First Things First – Look After All Those Passwords!

Explanation of why we need a password manager and how to use.

Work Fast, Work Smart With Keyboard Short-Cuts and Mouse Clicks

With the numerous tasks that an online marketer has to do, it’s important to work efficiently. I teach you all the keyboard shortcuts that will save you time and become uber productive.

Being Organised – Naming Conventions, Managing Your Digital Assets

I explain why being organised is so important and introduce filenaming standards.

Bits ‘n’ Bytes, What You Need to Know

An explanation of bits and bytes and why you need to know.

All About Bandwidth

Learn about Bandwidth and why it's important.

Domain Names and Registration

How to Choose a domain name and registering.

Configuring Name Servers

What you need to do to configure name servers with your chosen hosting.

What is Hosting and How to Choose a Good Provider

Learn about web hosting.

Brief Explanation Of What The Internet is and How it Works

Gain a basic understanding of what the internet is.

The Components Of a Web Page – The Key Tags to Know About

Understand the basics of a web page.

Building The Simplest Web Page Using Notepad

Create a simple webpage in NotePad.

Uploading Your Webpage to Your Hosting Provider

Upload the page you just built to your webhost.

Add a Page With a Hyperlink, Upload and Test

Create a second page and hyperlink to the first.

Understanding Caching and How to Use

Learn the basic principles of caching and its many uses.

You’ve Come To the End of the Free Lessons, What’s Next?

Wrap up of what you just learned for free and what comes next.

Introduction to WordPress – Installing and Using a Theme, Making Edits

Learn the basics of WordPress.

WordPress Plugins

Understand WordPress Plugins.

Website Checklist

Introduction of the website checklist and why you need one.


Gain an insight into the different aspects of internet security.

My Preferred Web Page Builder

Choosing a web editor.

What is a Content Delivery Network and When to Use

Learn about CDNs and why you might need one.

The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website

Find out about websites working on smartphones.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – What it is and How to Do it

Basic Search Engine Optimisation knowledge.

Website Organisation and Data Architecture

How to organise your website's pages.

Creating Creatives – How to Do Your Own Images, Graphics Photos and Videos

Learn how to produce eye catching images, photos, videos and logos.

Interactive Video

Find out why interactive video is so powerful.

Graphics and Video Resources

Know about the numerous free tools available to help create images.

Tools Of The Trade – Websites, More WordPress Plugins, Downloads, Chrome Browser Extensions

Lean about the many amazing resources at your fingertips for producing everything you need in your internet marketing journey.

Copywriting – Words That Sell

Why copywriting is so important and using some free tools.

How to Write a Blog Post That Flies!

Learn the aspects of writing a successful blog post.

E-Commerce Sites, Online Payments

Selling digital or physical products online. Set up a payment method.

Email Addresses and Email Forwarders

Setting up email addresss and forwarders.

Email Service Providers (ESP) and Auto-Responders

Learn about ESPs and their importance in online marketing.

Customer Avatars (AKA Personas) and Why You Need to Create Them

Identify your target audience.

Introduction to Facebook

The key features to learn about this incredible brand.

Facebook Advertising

Learn how to setup and run Facebook ads.

Advanced Facebook Ads

Gain knowledge of some of the sophisticated ads features.

Facebook Targeting Tools

What Facebook Targeting means and how to do it.

Facebook Pixel and Retargeting

Understand the Facebook and how to use.

Conversion Rate Optimisation and A/B testing

Optimise your sales campaigns.

How to Calculate Your Profit or Loss – Funnel Stages

Using a spreadsheet to calculate your profits.

Site and Page Speed Optimisation

How to give your webpages F1 speed.

Affiliate Marketing

Make money promoting other company's products or services.

Viral Marketing – Incentivised Sharing


Getting work done by others at low cost.

How to Setup and Use Google Analytics

Set up Google analytics to monitor your website performance.

Social Media Platforms

Learn which social media platforms to use.

Social Media Strategy and Tools to Use

How to create a social media strategy.

Books – Recommended Reading For Marketing Online and Self-Improvement

Always be learning.


So, what's next?


This lesson contains all the resources found on every lesson in the course. You can use this as a way to browse through all the browser extensions, tools, and useful resources you can use to be the best digital marketer you can be!