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Let's be honest with each other

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, confused and STRESSED at the thought of starting an online business?

I know I certainly was when I set out on this journey. I hit so many road blocks and dead ends, so many frustrating problems, I felt I was banging my head against a very tall brick wall. A lot of despondency and exhaustion as I would learn one thing only to uncover something else I needed to do. And then another, and another.

Having to learn so many things, never really knowing where to start, jumping from one subject to another, googling the problems I was having and getting conflicting and unclear answers. Often from people who didn't really know themselves.

Let's face it, there are several things you need to know about when you start out in online marketing - website creation, SEO, email marketing, videos, graphic design, Facebook ads, web hosting, offer stacking, social media, sales funnels, copywriting ... then all the terminology - acronyms, abbreviations, industry-speak - the list goes on and on.

You set out thinking you have a hill to climb only to find out that it turns into Everest! The more you discover and learn, the more you realise how much you don't know.

I've been there.

You see and hear about other people being hugely successful with their online business, making $$$tons and tons. The photos of Lamborghinis, super yachts, private jets, beautiful golden beaches, palm trees and pina coladas. You want a piece of the action but have no idea how to get started.

If you're tired of:

  • Struggling to know how to get started
  • Wishing you had the freedom to work where and when you wanted to 
  • Fighting to break free of your 9 to 5 job in the rat race
  • Lacking the confidence to get started
  • Overwhelmed at seeing everything you need to learn
  • Getting left behind while you see others crushing it with their online businesses

Here's the deal.

After years of online marketing experience, spending $thousands on training and mentoring, learning a lot of tough lessons, making more mistakes than I care to remember, I decided it's time to share my knowledge with you.

I've easily invested $tens of thousands with my team to bring you this course Learn Digital Marketing Expert. It will allow you to learn everything you need to know in order to start your online business. In the shortest possible timescale.

You'll gain the huge benefit of learning what has taken me years in a fraction of the time and without the expensive mistakes.

  • Without the overwhelm
  • Without the stress
  • Without wasting hours and hours trying to figure things out on your own

Not only will you gain access to my flagship online course, you'll receive a TON of incredible bonuses worth $thousands absolutely FREE!

And if you act now you'll get the Fast Action Super Bonus of a Self-Starter online marketing package worth $999 for $0 - yes, zero, for FREE!

Imagine ...

Seeing your online marketing knowledge grow day by day, week by week.

Implementing your knowledge as you progress through the course.

Having all the resources you'll ever need at your finger tips.

Having me and my team on call to help you with any issues you face.

Building a successful marketing campaign that will lead to sales!

Being part of an online like minded community of fellow entrepreneurs who want to make it just like you!

It starts right here, right now ...

Signing up with our course gets you on the road to success. 

A look inside the Learn Digital Marketing Expert Course

1. Lessons that start with the very basics

2. Learn when it suits you

3. Implement as you follow along

4. Access to me and my team if ever you get stuck

5. Resources all the tools and templates you will ever need

6. More than just marketing - we teach you all the shortcut and productivity skills to get work done FAST

Our commitment to you is to over-deliver on everything we provide.

So let's take a closer look at everything you're getting ...

Here's everything you'll get inside your Special Webinar Offer -

LDM Expert Course

Our flagship online training course

This comprehensive Learn Digital Marketing Expert online training course will turn you into an online Marketing Expert! Starting from the absolute basics, we teach you all the productivity hacks, the terminology and everything you need to know without the overwhelm. You're able to set your own pace, learn in your own time at a pace that suits you

 Real world value $4,997

6 Incredible BONUSES!

BONUS #1 - Social Media Companions

Social Media Calendar

Be a social media boss right away with this social media calendar which will help you create a schedule of posts for your social media campaign.

Real World Value $99

Social Media Cheat Sheet

Get your social media posts off to a flying start with this comprehensive list of ideas for your social media posts. You will never be stuck for ideas to know what to post. The perfect complement to the Social Media Calendar.

Real World Value $99

BONUS #1 total real world value $198


Curated List of Amazing FREE Tools

We’ve been in this business for many years and during that time have discovered some superb tools that we use in our day-to-day work. So we decided to share them with you! This list is virtually priceless, we have identified an amazing array of websites and apps for doing everything you will ever need in your exciting internet marketing journey. From graphic design, speech to text transcription, PDF to Word conversion, video editing, domain testing, website speed testing, copywriting, security … to name but a few. Most of these tools provide incredible value and are FREE to use and will save you $THOUSANDS through not having to purchase all the software you need. You will love this list!

Real World Value $499

BONUS #2 total real world value $499

BONUS #3 - We provide you with the templates we use ourselves in our day-to-day agency business

Blog Post Template

Shows you the important points to address when you write a blog post in order to maximise its impact and squeeze as much SEO juice from it as you can

Real World Value $99

100 Headlines Template

It can be tricky writing from scratch so we’re giving you 100 fill in the blank headlines to use in your content.

Real World Value $49

Outsourcing Template

When you are outsourcing work, there are always a common set of points you need to specify. We cover them in this simple template which you can include into other documents as required.

Real World Value $99

Website Design and SEO Template

The devil’s in the detail. It’s relatively easy these days for anyone to build a pretty website. However, what you don’t see behind the scenes is equally important as what you do see. This template will help ensure you get your web pages built right.

Real World Value $199

File Naming Standards

When you’re working with lots of files such as images, photos, web pages and so forth, you can quickly end up with a lot of files. How do you keep track of which one is what? Which is the latest? By applying some sensible naming conventions, you will avoid the confusion that can arise with lots of image1.jpg files scattered in many folders. Keep every file with a unique name.

Real World Value $99

Facebook Ads Preparation Template

When you want to run multiple ads for the same offer, you will have images, headlines, copy and call to actions together with URLs to link the ads to. Far better to do all your preparation and set them all out in a spreadsheet and then copy and paste the info into Facebook ads manager, which can misbehave and sometimes lose the text you type into it.Our template also shows you how to map the elements of a Facebook ad to the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) model.

Real World Value $199

Interactive Video Specification Template

Interactive video is a powerful advertising format. Creating them is challenging. But easy when you have the right tools to use. With our template you get to see how to easily and accurately put together the script with video spokesperson directives to end up with a professional video.

Real World Value $199

BONUS #3 total real world value $943

BONUS #4 - Five email sequence templates

Abandoned cart

It’s not great news when someone arrives at your sales page, adds to basket but then abandons the purchase. The phone rings, baby cries, internet goes down …
But it is great news when you simply add this sequence of 3 Abandon Cart emails into your autoresponder, and watch those sales numbers increase.

Real World Value $147


Providing your subscribers with fantastic content and real value is vital. These 2x Nurture emails will help you do just that.
Simply add some details about yourself and send them to your list and watch your email engagement sky-rocket!

Real World Value $97


Webinars are a great sales tool. You need this brilliant sequence of 5 pre-written webinar emails.
You’ll get a Webinar Announcement email, a Reminder email, and 3 Follow-up emails to sell your products and services.

Real World Value $147


Sales based emails are the lifeblood of your email marketing efforts. This is why I'm giving you 9x different Sales templates. Fill in the blanks and to send to your list!
Here's what’s included:
The "Coming Soon" template, the "Direct Promo" template, the "Objection Handling" template, the "Free Trial" template, the "Discount Offer" template, the "Upgrade Offer" template, the "Special Offer" template, the "Flash-Sale" template, and the "Free-Resource" template.

Real World Value $297


I’m providing you with 5 "fill-in-the-blanks" email templates. These are the ideal way to build trust with your new subscribers and start increasing sales.
Includes: a "Welcome" email a "Story" email, a "Testimonial" email, a "Content+Pitch" email, and a "Case Study" email.

Real World Value $147

BONUS #4 total real world value $835

BONUS #5 - Marketing Agency Checklists

The Definitive WordPress Website Checklist

Setting up a website can be pretty quick and easy these days, however, there are a number of things you need to do to get it right. Our checklist is packed with important points plus some useful features you might want to implement on your site to get the best out of it.

Real World Value $199

The Ultimate YouTube Checklist

We all know about YouTube – or do we? It is relatively easy to create a video and upload it. But to maximise the benefits, there a number of important things you need to do in order to get the most out of your video. Our checklist will provide you with everything you need to know in order to set up your videos for best effect.

Real World Value $199

BONUS #5 total real world value $398

BONUS #6 - Ebook Library

Website Security

Security is often an afterthought and usually the last thing you’re thinking about as a busy online marketer. It usually only gets attention when things go awry. When someone gets their website hacked and sales are halted, panic sets in. Don’t be that someone! With our comprehensive guide, we show you the exact steps to take to secure your website.

Real World Value $199

27 Must Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress is amazing and is constantly being improved. There is a dazzling array of plugins available to use for different purposes, we’ve curated a list of the ones we recommend.

Real World Value $49

The Online Marketer’s Recommended Reading List

Life is a learning journey and I love to gain news skills and knowledge. Books are still a great way to gain knowledge and so we curated a list of some of the best books every successful online marketer should read.

Real World Value $49

The Complete Reference for Facebook Ads Targeting

There are so many targeting options in the Facebook ads manager but not all of them are so obvious when you look. So we compiled this invaluable list of targeting characteristics for you to explore.

Real World Value $199

The Best 35 Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

Google Chrome is a fantastic web browser and is constantly being improved. We’ve curated this list of extensions that we recommend to help make your life easier. Everything from security, page speed test and pixel helpers are listed as you’ll see. I can guarantee these will help

Real World Value $99

Mastering the Facebook Pixel

A mystery to some, the pixel is a vitally important marketing tool to know inside out. The pixel allows you to do retargeting and allows Facebook to optimise your audience. This ebook explains everything you need to understand in order to take maximum advantage of the pixel.

Real World Value $199

How To Work Fast

Productivity is important! As an internet marketer, you’ll be busy preparing ad copy, sorting out images, preparing video, editing web pages and sending work instructions to your team or outsourcers. So using your computer efficiently is key to working quickly. In this ebook we’ll show you some hacks that will save you hours of effort. We use them hundreds of times every day.

Real World Value $99

How to Master Outsourcing

Online marketing requires getting a lot of different things built – copywriting, email responders, images, videos, web pages and so you’ll probably need help. If you don’t yet have a team, then outsourcing is what you need to do. In this ebook we teach you how to successfully outsource work and get it done to a good standard at a fair price.

Real World Value $199

Customer Avatars Worksheet

When you market to everybody, you market to nobody. You need to create one or more avatars for your products or services. Here’s the worksheet that helps you do this.

Real World Value $99

BONUS #6 total real world value $1,191

Total value of 6 bonuses $4,064

but included for FREE in today's Special Webinar Offer.

Fast Action Super Bonus! FREE For action takers, today only!

The Self-Starter Done For You Online Marketing Package

We do all the work for you setting up the basics for you so you can jump-start your online business! Here's what you get:

1. Create 1 Business Email Address

We will create you a business email address, configure the email client on your computer and configure webmail access.

Real World Value $100

2. Set up LastPass

Set up LastPass to manage all your login credentials safely and securely for all the websites you'll use.

Real World Value $200

3. Customer Avatar

Work with you to create your first customer avatar for your products or services.

Real World Value $200

4. Domain Name

Register a domain name of your choice plus we'll provide a year’s website hosting and backup.

Real World Value $600

5. Install WordPress & Essential Plugins

Install WordPress on your 1 year's free hosting and configure correctly for your location, install the must-have plugins and configure these ready for use.

Real World Value $300

6. Create a Simple Landing Page

We'll create a landing page appropriate for your business together with graphics.

Real World Value $100

7. Create a Google Drive for Backups

This is needed to work in conjunction with UpDraft to store your web page backup files.

Real World Value $100

8. Create a Brand Logo

A beautiful, professionally designed logo to convey and promote your your brand in the online world!

Real World Value $100

9. Create a Facebook Business Page

Install your logo, choose the settings and configure in the most appropriate fashion for your type of business. Start getting followers and use as a basis for building a following.

Real World Value $100

10. Set up Facebook Business Manager

Connect your business page, set up ad account in preparation for running Facebook advertising campaigns.

Real World Value $100

11. Create a Welcome Email

We will write the copy and configure a simple auto-responder email – note: this is not with an email service provider.

Real World Value $100

Fast Action Super Bonus real world value $999

included for FREE in today's Special Webinar Offer!

So, let's look at everything you're getting in this Special Webinar Offer

Learn Digital Marketing Online Training Course

Our flagship training course!

Real world value $4,997

6 Incredible Bonuses

Total real world value $4,064

Fast Action Super Bonus

Real world value $999

Total  real world value $10,060

I am offering all of this for today only for the ridiculously low price of $1,997!!!

Why Are You Practically Giving All Of This Away? What's The Catch ...?

The investment for the training, bonuses and Fast Action Super Bonus is easily worth over $10,000.

But what if... I am willing to make a deal with you?

Since this product is upgraded - BRAND NEW & never before seen in the online marketing industry, I want to spend the next few weeks LOADING up on success stories before raising the price to $4,997 - and that will just be for the course - no Fast Action Super Bonus and no bonuses!

All I ask of you is this...

Once you've started the training & begin implementing your online business, shoot me an email or video sharing your success story.

If you agree to this...

Here’s what I’m willing to do.
I'll let you have the entire program for a fraction of what
I'll eventually be selling it for.

When you take action NOW, you'll save over $8,000 off
the retail price!

For a single payment of ...

ONLY $1,997

Does that seem fair to you?

Simply put, if you go through the training and implement what's inside the course, you will  soon have an online business up and running and start to make $sales.

I'm so confident Learn Digital
is right for you, I'll give you a...

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try the LDM Expert Course for FULL 30 days, risk free! Download the bonuses, plan and implement... after executing the system, if you feel like this isn't one of the greatest products of its kind, I'll send you your money back.

If you're not satisfied for any reason, just email support@ldm.expert with your receipt and I'll give you back your money with no questions asked.

What Are Others Saying About The 'Learn Digital Marketing Expert' Course?

"This course is brilliant - I have spent so much time hopping from place to place trying to learn what I needed to know, now everything is in one single place" - June Brown

"I only bought your Learn Digital Marketing Course a few days ago & I am so glad I did. I have always wanted to get into online marketing but found it so confusing with so much to know about. I am still learning but already I have made great progress and got my first landing pages up." - Kat Smith

"I like the combination of videos and written content which for me is easier to follow. I still have a day job but can see that this course will enable me to start generating an income soon!" - Alessandro Planter

"I've skipped some of the lessons and jumped into the ones covering what I need to know as I already have a fair bit of knowledge. Things are well explained and when I got stuck I contacted Paul and one of his team members was helping me out the next day." - Martha Scutter

"I love the content that the team has created inside this course. I love the step-by-step lessons on how it's all done and the best part is that is for someone like myself who isn't so tech-savvy, I can watch this over and over." -Malcolm Duncan

"Through folllowing the LDM Expert course, I have made more progress this past week than in the previous six months since I decided to start affiliate marketing." -Dave Briggs

"The ebooks and templates are such a help - I can't tell you how much time I have saved through using these" -Angela Collins

"WOW! What you have created is AWESOME! I have spent hours, money, and pulled out a lot of hair trying to learn this stuff! I love that everything I need to know is on a single website where I can return to discover what I need." - Dalie Juan

As You Can See...

The Learn Digital Marketing Expert Training Course Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

Claim Your Special Webinar Offer NOW!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing you CRUSHING IT with your $internet $marketing!

Let's do BIG things together!

Paul Jordan