Webinar Creation for You!

What Our Offer Includes

  1. We create the webinar on your platform.
  2. We create the Event on Eventbrite according to your needs (we recommend recurring weekly!)
  3. We set up the integration between Eventbrite and Facebook (note that we will need your login details in order to do this. Alternatively, we can screen share and talk you through it. Or watch our training video.)
  4. We set up one event on LinkedIn (it does not yet support recurring events).
  5. We will manage and co-ordinate attendee invites on Eventbrite, Facebook and LinkedIn for your first webinar.
  6. We will train you and do a dry run with you so you can rehearse your first webinar offline – we will provide feedback.
  7. We will co-host your first live webinar to support you.
  8. We will create a custom checklist based on your webinar platform. This will help ensure you're thoroughly prepared before every webinar.

What You Will Need To Already Have – Prerequisites

  1. An active subscription with a webinar platform (we highly recommend webinargeek, get a FREE account here ).
  2. A Facebook account and a Facebook business page.
  3. A LinkedIn account.
  4. An Eventbrite account.
  5. Slides for your presentation.
  6. Images or videos for Eventbrite, LinkedIn and your webinar platform.
  7. A webinar gift for your attendees – e.g. ebook PDF, video, audio, book free consultation etc.
  8. An email service provider (we recommend activecampaign.com).
  9. A web page to send your attendees to at the end of the webinar with a call to action - e.g. an offer or sales page, call booking page.

Optional Extras

  1. We create a beautiful, attention-grabbing slide deck for you – you will need to provide the words – we suggest you create a simple set of slides with words, we make them look amazing!
  2. We create correctly-dimensioned, colourful images for everything and upload.
  3. We created an animated GIF for you to post on social media.
  4. We create a 5 second video for you to add to your webinar registration page.
  5. We show you how to invite people via social media.
  6. Create a reminder email sequence so that people who registered to attend receive a series of emails to maximise the chances they will arrive on the day. Your webinar platform may have this capability built in – if not you will need an email service provider such as activecampaign.
  7. Create an offer page – if you have a WordPress website we can do this for you. This gets displayed at the end of the webinar.
  8. If you have a payment system such as Thrive Cart we will use this to set up your payment page.
  9. Create a PDF gift – you provide the words, we turn this into a superb ebook to give to your attendees at the end as a thank you and also prevent them from leaving early.
  10. We can co-host future webinars with you to ensure they run smoothly.
  11. Create a webinar registration page on your website - note this requires your webinar platform to support embedded HTML forms.
  12. Paid ads - we create images and videos, provide the written copy and headlines, then set up and manage Facebook ads to drive traffic to your webinar registration page
  13. Create an email nurturing sequence to close more sales after your webinar.