"Get on this course and learn everything there is to know about digital marketing"


John Lambert

Co Founder, Onvou

"Paul is hugely knowledgeable about all things internet marketing."

United Kingdom

Gordon Glenister

Author - Influencer Marketing Strategy

"Paul spent a lot of time getting to know what I needed (and) what it was that I needed to actually move forward"

United Kingdom

Phelisia Boeree-Grindrod 

Weight Loss Coach & Certified Hypnotherapist

"I would definitely recommend Paul, as your man, when it comes to internet marketing"

United Kingdom

Matthew Eluwande

Product/Furniture Designer and Award winning Hat maker

"As a net result, we've really progressed well, especially with the visibility online."

United Kingdom

Nick Taylor

Director - Boringdon
Park Golf Club

"Now I've upped my skills and I'm much better in the online marketing space."

South Africa

Chanre Williams

LDM Course graduate

"I went through the steps, and oh my gosh... it works!"


Natasha Chart

President of Chart Consulting LLC

"Get the Learn Digital Marketing program, dive right in, so you can get your stuff up and running - once and for all"


Jen Fontanilla

Money coach

"They listen carefully to what you need, and provide you with the best possible solutions adapted to your vision"


Monika Ray

Certified Life & Career Coach

"To be honest, it saved me so much time. So, if anybody there would like to save time, get in touch with Paul!"


Nell Puetter

Founder of Calmfidence

"In a very short space of time, I can't believe it! I just finished my first webinar and it was amazing!"


Melody Chadamoyo

Relationship coach

"I came across Paul's group and I started attending his live streams and he just gives out so much good information. And I quickly realized that this guy's the real deal."

United Kingdom

Harvinder Bhogal

Bitcoin coach

"I was just getting so overwhelmed. So thank you, Paul, for your help and support so far."


Bev Porrino

Neuromuscular Physical Therapist

"(Paul's) knowledge and expertise have been invaluable in helping to get my business up and running."

United Kingdom

Garth Delikan

Lifestyle coach

"You've helped me take my business into a new place"

United Kingdom

Dibley Tke

owner, Health revolution

"Paul, I feel honored to be one of your students."


Erika Dittmer


"Paul has such a wealth of knowledge."

United Kingdom

Shilleen Wilson

money and success coach

"I cannot recommend him enough"

United Kingdom

Heather Garbutt

love and relationship coach


I would definitely recommend Paul, as your man, when it comes to internet marketing


Now i've upped my skills and I'm much better in the online marketing space.

CHANRE WILLIAMS - Marketing Consultant

Paul is hugely knowledgeable about all things internet marketing.


As a net result, we've really progressed well, especially with the visibility online.


I spent an hour on the first day of Eid attending this webinar called 'Copywriting That Converts,' held by Learn Digital Marketing. And I have only one word to summarize the entire experience: wow!Since it was an hour-long webinar, I didn't expect much out of it. But in the end, I was amazed at how much value they provided in this limited duration.Kudos to Paul Jordan and Brick Ludena for hosting an informative and interactive session that covered everything a beginner needs to start their copywriting journey!

Amna Mazhar - Content Writer

Paul has in-depth knowledge of digital marketing that stems from his IT background. Using this understanding, he can effectively advise on how to grow business, improve systems, and overcome digital marketing obstacles one-to-one or as part of his course. In addition to his top-notch expertise, he's also a pleasure to work with and happy to help.