May 26


Creating an Online Course – Part III

By Paul Jordan

May 26, 2023

Hi, it's Paul. So in the previous two videos, we spoke about how to build an online course. So in this third and final part of the video, I'm going to talk about the different platforms that you can actually use to create or rather to turn the content you created into an online course. So once you've chosen your particular platform, as I mentioned before, there are quite a few different platforms out there.

There’s Kajabi, Teachable, many others we actually prefer to use Thrive Apprentice, which is a word based, WordPress based platform. We find it really, really good, has lots of very, very sophisticated features, but it's very, very easy to use. But the actual creation of the course on an online platform, it should be a fairly mechanical exercise because you've already created your content, you've recorded your videos.

So once you've got an account with one of the online companies, it should be quite a mechanical exercise to copy and paste your content in there. Now, the great thing about the approach I'm teaching so far is that all the content is already within your ownership. You've got it in a microsoft Word document or Google doc, spreadsheet videos, all that kind of thing.

When I first started building a course many, many years ago, I was creating content directly on the platform, so it actually taught my content straight onto the platform. That was a big mistake because what I wanted to move away from that platform, which I definitely did, because I had so many problems, I had to get all the content.

I couldn't just export it. I had to copy and paste it into a document before I could then put it somewhere else. With the approach I've taken, it gives me so far. You already own the content. You've got it in a document. You put it on a memory stick, put it on the Cloud Drive. So no matter which platform you put your content onto.

If that platform goes out of business, you've still got all your content and you can post it somewhere else. And that's very, very important because for me, I went through a lot of pain, didn't do that approach, made a big, big mistake. And that was a hard lesson learned, which hopefully you'll benefit from by not making that same mistake.

Now there are very many, quite a few different things to consider when you are building your online course on a platform. You have to think about the security, logging, payments. You have to think about backups. Make sure a site is secure. If you doing on WordPress, you got to take care of all those things yourself with something like Kajabi.

All of that will be done for you. All the backups, the security, the payments, integration makes life a lot simpler. Now, Kajabi is quite expensive when you first starting out. So it can be a bit of a big investment. But if you've got your revenue coming in and you're already successfully selling courses, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

But if you don't have that that you might find, you may need to actually get some test users for your course, find them in various Facebook groups. They can just be test out on the content in its real format in the videos, and they're all format just to get some feedback. Once you know you've got a course that hangs together, well then you could actually put it on a platform when you're confident that you're going to get some sales for it.

So there you have it. I've pretty much covered all the aspects of the course that you need to think about. I’ll give you some food for thought. I haven't told you everything there is to know and there's always something new to learn. But hopefully you'll be well-informed enough to have the confidence and the know how to get started in creating your online course.

Good luck. See you soon.

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