June 14

Melody Chadamoyo’s Testimonial


Relationship coach Melody Chadamoyo speaks about her struggles with technology and getting a webinar up and running, and how Paul's help allowed her to start her first webinar, faster and easier than she imagined. 

I know. You know, sometimes you try to do these things and if you're anything like me, technology gets overwhelming. There's so many little bits that need to happen and then you just give up. I'm one of those. I'm a relationship coach. My name is Melody Moyo, and I've been getting help from Paula Jordan, and he has helped me to set up a lab in the design that we've been set up have been a presenter.

We've been in a very short space of time that I can't believe it. I've just finished my fifth webinar and it was amazing. It was a great experience. You so passionate, is so manageable and he's your kind and he knows his stuff. I would choose him any time of day and good luck and I hope you just go.

Thank you.

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