June 14

Natasha Chart’s Testimonial


Natasha has a conversation with Paul recounting her frustrating experience with getting all of her tech set up and working for her business, and upon meeting and talking to Paul helped her finally get all the tech that frustrated her for months - finally working. Paul helped her with step-by-step instructions, even if it wasn't part of the course, to finally allow Natasha to create and publish her recordings.

Natasha, tell me, what was the original problem you had just to sort of explain the microphone.

Problem that I had was I had gone through two different devices trying to figure out how to get a microphone to work with it. It was like a coach for doing video recorder or for doing audio recordings who recommended this particular brand of microphone and recommended the software? It's like the setup is guaranteed to work to get the results you want, except did not work with any of my devices.

So I had to buy a new laptop and then that new laptop for reasons you know, I took it back to Best Buy where I got it, and they could not figure out why it didn't work either. It just had some weird problems. So I had to get a new laptop again and I got it home and it had a different problem.

And at this point I've been trying to figure out how to get this to work for like four or five months. And it's at home and it's hard to get, you know, out to anywhere that there is a tech. And it didn't seem like they knew what to do in the first place. Besides giving you a completely new device.

So I was kind of feeling like I am just never going to figure out how to make this work. And then you and I talked and I explained the problem and gave you the parameters for my device and software, and you gave me a set of instructions which were, you know, it's a little intimidating to be like, okay, but I'm going to read it and do this, this, this.

But I went through the steps and took the time. It's like, Oh my gosh, this works now. It works. And I can, I can do my recording. So I really excited about that because it was a big hang up and getting even started on that project. I practically given up.

Well, I'm so I was so thrilled because it gives me a huge amount of satisfaction to hear this. It really does. Because, like, I, you know, I really enjoy helping people. I know things like this, you know, windows is supposed to be plug and play. You put something in, Windows recognizes what it is, and voila, it's magic. It works.

But it doesn't always do that as we will encounter. And I know through my own experience this I've been working with Windows since its inception, probably a little embarrassed to say it 30 years ago, when Windows was probably first around Windows 3.10 my goodness. And it's been through many incantations during that time. And of course, there are so many layers of software.

There's the operating system, there's the firmware which you have to firmware, which is what the computer uses when it boots up. So that can have an effect. And then you've got all the different versions of Windows, the device drivers and blah blah blah, blah, blah, blah. You know, when you drill down into it and lift up the bonnet, it's like a scary engine that's under there.

All these devices are horrible. So to be able to help you remotely was because I, you know, had no guarantee that it would work. So it's really pleasing to do that.

Well, thanks for the encouragement because it's it's been ten months. So let me tell you, there's been some loss of momentum in this project with that. So I appreciate it all and get back on the horse now.

Well, okay. Well, what I just before I say goodbye or CTO or send you a message in to two weeks time or thereabouts and just see if you've got that recording ready so I can have a listen. I really look forward to that.

That's wonderful. Thanks so much, Paul. Appreciate your time and all your help.

Well, thank you for your time, Natasha. I really appreciate this. And take her best wishes for the future and maybe we'll stay in touch. But I really looking forward to hearing your inventory for when it's ready. Okay.

Well, thank you for your time, Natasha. I really appreciate this. And take her best wishes for the future and maybe we'll stay in touch. But I really looking forward to hearing your inventory for when it's ready. Okay.

Sounds wonderful. Have a great day, Paul.

Have a great weekend, bye. Thank you very much. Thank you. Bye.

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