January 23

Shilleen Wilson’s Testimonial


Shilleen Wilson provides a testimonial for Paul Jordan 

"Paul has such a wealth of knowledge."

Hi, my name is Shilleen Wilson and I'm a money and success coach of Success Breakthrough Coaching. I worked with Paul Jordan because I wanted to start doing webinars and I had no idea where to start. Technology is something that I've always shied away from because I've never been good at technology.

And for me, that was such a big frustration. Working with Paul, he helped me to get comfortable with the technology. He taught me what I needed to know in terms of what technology to use and how to use it so that I was comfortable and confident using it. But not only the technical side, he taught me more about the webinar side of it as well.

Paul has an absolute wealth of knowledge. He's such a kind guy and has such a wealth of knowledge that he's the man that knows it all, in my opinion, in terms of this field, webinars. And he really did help me to go from a place of Not having a clue to being confident and being able to run a webinar and has helped me bring my business to the next level in running webinars.

So I'll be eternally grateful to you Paul. Mr. Paul Jordan, thank you again. And yes, I would definitely 100% recommend working with Paul if you want to put webinars on and anything else technical because Paul has a wealth of knowledge. Thanks again, Paul.


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