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Paul gives us a tour of the inside of the Learn Digital Marketing course! In this video, you will see the lessons, quizzes, recommended resources, eBooks, templates, and many of the other parts that constitute our complete course.

The LDM Expert Digital Marketing Course is designed to get you to become the best digital marketer you can be, and get your online business up and running right as you finish the course! The backbone of any training course, this is the list of the topics we find to be essential for any Digital Marketer.

In a chronological order that makes logical sense - from the basics to more advanced topics, and with follow along guides that help you get a feel of using the tools of the trade, this is the set of topics we selected to get you up and running as a Digital Marketer right after you finish the last lesson.


Hi. So as you may know, by now, my name is Paul Jordan. I'd like to give you an introduction or rather an overview of the course LDM expert. So what I'm gonna do is log on here and I'll show you around. You can see what's inside. So let's pick the right user. Now I'm using last pass here, which I'm hopefully hoping that you'll all be using, cuz this will keep your passwords very safe.

So let's click on the right, uh, user there. So I've got a test user I'm being too slow login.

That's the course. I want to show. So I'll take you through from the beginning here, just so you can see what the course looks like on the inside. So, first of all, we've got kind of an intro video here, so I'm just,

so I'm not gonna show all of that to you, cuz I want to get through this as quickly as I. But this will just show you the format of the course, how it's presented and how you nav navigate your way through. We've enabled comments here, so that, um, as you go through a particular lesson, if you want to leave some feedback to say you didn't understand something, or we thought something was very good, anything that you would like to say, then put a comment on there and we can attend to that.

And we can update the lesson to attend to any, uh, shortcomings that we might have made. So I'm gonna continue the course there. So we've got a lesson here, how to work fast. Now this will teach you how to get around the keyboard really quickly. You're gonna be doing a lot of work with your computer and you want to kind of avoid RSI.

You wanna kind of minimize the amount of times you click your mouse. You wanna minimize the key strokes that you're doing. Um, so we're gonna show you some really cool tricks to very quickly copy paste, select, move, text around all that kind of thing, because you're gonna be doing that a lot. And if you can do it quickly, you can be more productive and get things done quick.

So that's a lesson on that one there. Now at the bottom of some of the lessons, we have a quiz. So I'm gonna show you what a quiz looks like, cuz this is, this is the general format that you'll see throughout the course. So what are the keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste? So I'm gonna test myself out now.

I should know these because I, I designed the quiz. So let's have a look. Let's see how well I know my own stuff. There we go. Click next. So I know it's that one select all is control a. Once the keyboard shortcuts close the window or F four, what's the shortest for opening the windows settings control shift.

No, it's not. It's that one windows. I, so if you, if you're in a, a browser and you've got lots of tabs open, if you do control nine, that'll take you to the ninth tab keyboard to new folder. It's control shift N and then right at the end, you'll get a. So seven hours, seven. I wouldn't expect anything less from myself.

it'd be bit strange if I couldn't answer my own questions, wouldn't it. But what you've got here, um, is you can share this on your social media. So if I click.

You can see, you can post your badge on your timeline. You can put some comments on there. So that's a great way of sharing to your friends, family, and colleagues who are on Facebook, the progress that you're making with the course, I'm just gonna close that. I don't wanna post it, but it's great. So you can actually show other people what you are doing and how you're progressing through the course.

So that's a very worthwhile lesson because that'll help you with all aspects of working on your computer. So let's go into the next lesson. I've done a quiz. Let's go down to the bottom. Um, next lesson, which is there.

So another really important lesson, how to name your files. Now this might kind of sound a bit trivial, but when you are doing instant marketing and setting up lots of graphics, logos videos, webpages, you're gonna have a lot of what's called digital assets, and it's gonna be really sensible to name them meaningfully.

It's no good. Just having a camera full of images that says image one, image, two image, three, image four, and then downloading onto your computer. You need to name them with a meaningful name so that you can find them subsequently. And if you're doing affiliate marketing and you have several campaigns running in parallel with several adverts and all that kind of thing, it's really important to give your file name something meaningful that, um, you can follow.

Now. We do actually have our own code for. And I'm gonna give you a, a link to it down here in the lesson here, we've got a, a whole bunch of resources that you can download inside of each lesson. So we've got free tools, ones that you pay for templates. And for example, so for file naming standards, we've actually given you a template that you can use.

So anyway, that's a, a spin through file naming standards and why you need to have them might sound trivial, but believe me, you can get into a real mess if you don't use some kind of naming convention. So that's that lesson. So we're gonna mark that complete, go into the next. Bits and bites. Now, you know, you need to talk about this stuff.

A lot. Bits bites, megabits, megabytes, gigabits, gigabytes, all that stuff. And it's important that you know what that means. And one of the reasons it's so important is firstly, you need to understand the size of. Files because the size of files will have a lot of significance on how quickly webpages load into the browser.

Big images are one of the biggest problems with webpages, that load slowly. So you need to get a feel. You need to get an insight into what file size actually is. So you need to understand the terminology of bits and bites and why it's important. So we give you a good explanation. Now we talk about numbering system.

We talk about kilobytes killer bits. Megabits megabytes, gigabytes gigabytes. And when you come on to do the lesson on bandwidth, you'll understand why that's so important. So just so that you are really clear on what they are so bandwidth, as I say. So in terms of when you are connected to the internet, the speed of your connection is gonna be very important, not only for you while you're working, but very important for your users, different users throughout the world are gonna have access to different infrastructure in some of the, sort of more or so sorry.

Some of the less advanced countries, the internet speed is gonna be slower, especially across 3g connections. And so. And wifi it's gonna be slower. But if you are, if you are trying to sell your products and services into those countries, you need to be very aware of this because it means you've gotta design your webpages to load as fast as possible, which means you have small image sizes and you make the most of the bandwidth that's available in those countries.

So knowing what bandwidth is, there's pretty important. It'll give you an awareness of the performance of your website, the load speed, the, the response times and all that kind of thing. So quite key to internet marketing that you understand what it. So we're gonna move onto the next lesson here, domain names and registration.

So we're gonna talk about domain names, how they work. Now, this may seem bit irrelevant, but believe me, when you are, when you are having problems with something called Cing and believe me, you will. Um, if you've got a rough understanding of how the internet works and domain names servers, it'll give you a good grounding from which to Debo problems and do some thought finding and troubleshooting.

So it's yeah, you don't need to have a real. Sorry really technical in depth knowledge, but you do need to have a good awareness so that when things misbehave, you've got an idea where to look. So I'm gonna spin through that next lesson. I'll show you what's inside of the next one. So configuring name service.

So when you're setting up a website for the first time, this is something you will need to do again, if you're doing affiliate marketing, for example, you may have multiple websites with multiple landing pages. So you'll be setting up multiple names and all your hosting that goes with it. So configuring names, service, sometimes it's something you need to do.

Often if you're setting up just one website, it's gonna be a pretty much a one off task, but this will tell you about what it's about and how to do it. Again, there's a little quiz at the bottom there, so let's go onto the next lesson. What is hosting and how to choose a good provider. Now, web hosting, if you're having a website, um, it's important to have a really good hosting company, not only in terms of their performance and their infrastructure speed, but their support, their tech support, when things go wrong and they do, you need to have some of who's responsive.

You can have a web chat with. Raise the support ticket and get it attended too quickly and easily. Um, some of the cheaper providers have very cheap hosting, but the support reflects that it's, it's terrible when your website's down for any reason, you need to get it up quickly. As you've got good tech support, then that's gonna make that very possible.

So I've got some good reviews of some of the different hosting companies there that you can take a look at some better than others. Um, I started off with a really cheap one, but I know you site ground. So mark lesson complete move on to the next one. So an explanation of what the internet is. Again, you don't need to have a great in depth understanding, but you do need to have an appreciation of how the internet works.

Excuse me. Um, performance speed in different countries. As I was saying earlier, the bandwidth is gonna be lower in some countries, and you need to have a, an appreciation of that because if you are targeting potential customers in those countries, you need to design your campaigns accordingly in terms of websites, that load quickly.

And that aren't. Full of heavy loaded images that take too long to load. So again, it's just G it's just good to have an understanding of how the internet works. There. There's something called content delivery networks. That's a little bit more advanced, but, um, they're there to do with actually getting your web webpages to load quickly in different parts of the world.

So that's another thing you need to have a. Again, with all the things that I'm covering here, you know, you don't need to have a great in depth understanding, but you need to have an awareness because when you are outsourcing work, you need to have a conversation with people and know what they're talking about bit like your car, you know, you might not, you might not repair your car, but you need to know what the engine is.

You need to know what the exhaust pipe is. You need to know where the Petro goes. Liquid oil, windscreen wash. Yeah. There is. There's quite a lot of things you do need to know about your car. So you can have a conversation with the, with the technician who does the repair work for you or who does the service.

So now we've got, now we're talking about webpages here. Now there's some really, this is a really important lesson because you're not gonna be expected to build a webpage, but there are some fundamental components of a webpage, some HTML tag that you really, really do need to understand, even if you're outsourcing all the work, these are the fundamentals that are gonna make a big difference to your understanding when you're outsourcing work and getting it done, and it will show how our page is structured.

And what I'm gonna do is talk you through how to build a really simple webpage and. Get it running on your computer locally. They're uploading it to your hosting platform and get it working there. Some great resources I've mentioned there. Next lesson. So here, we're actually gonna talk you through how to build a, a simple webpage using notepad.

I've got the video there. A lot of the lessons on this course are accompanied by video so you can watch the video, pause it, rewind and so forth, but also inside the lesson, I've got step by step instruction. Step one, step two, step three. So you can follow through at your own pace. Again, you're not gonna be building real websites, unless it's something that you really want to do yourself, but I'm gonna show you the basic principles.

So they understand how they work, so that when things are being outsourced and done by other people, you can appreciate what they're doing and you can do some thought finding and troubleshooting when things go wrong because they will. So there we go. Nice. Um, numbered lessons there, another little quiz at the end, if you wanna take that.

Let's move on to the next lesson. Let's show you what's inside there. So how to upload your webpage to your hosting provider. So you've created it a notepad on your local computer. Now you need to upload it onto your hosting platform and get it working there. Very simple pages we're talking about here, just to demonstrate the concepts behind webpages, what they are, how they work.

There are a lot simpler than people think. Uh, and again, there are some very, very fundamental principles about hyperlinks and phone names that you need to understand to help you diagnose problems when, when they arise. So a lot of these courses, sorry, a lot of lessons in this course, they're their references.

You can flick through them, skim through them. At least you've got an awareness, you know, which lesson to go back to, if you have issues in those particular areas. So next lesson. So at a page with a hyperlink upload and test. So now we're getting into actually linking several pages together, all websites work around the, uh, the idea of having hyperlinks hyperlink.

So what you click to load one page from another, and then you can actually create that on your local computer, and then you can upload it to your hosting provider to get it working there. Again, this is all about learning the theory, understanding how it works at a very basic level, because these, these basic principles will.

Stay with you for the course of your online business, because they're basic principles that apply to every single website on the internet. So you really do need to have some, I think that you need to have a basic understanding of these concepts cause they do apply everywhere. So again, got lots of step by steps instructions there.

Understanding caching. Now caching is a term, you know, I'm sure many people have had problems with the website misbehaving. And the, the usual thing is we're told to have you cleared your cash? You know, we've all tried to do that, but the thing is with the word Cing, it's a very generic word because cashing takes place at many different parts inside the internet.

And this lesson's gonna teach you more in depth about that. Again, you don't need to have a great technical understanding, but you need to have an awareness so that when you're fault finding or troubleshooting, when someone's talking about cashing, you need to ask. What Cing are you talking about? Cuz there are many different types of caching that take place in different parts and internet infrastructure, and you need to understand those.

So we've spoken about caching and why you need to understand it. So let's see what the next lesson is at the bottom here. So as you can see mark complete next lesson. So that is the end of the free lessons. So now I'm gonna show what you get when you pay for the whole course. Okay. So as I said, we've come to the end of the free lessons now.

So let's move on to see what you get inside the paid course. So let's click the next lesson down the bottom here, tools and knowledge to set you apart. So here we go into all of the details of these different lessons here. This talks about the, the structure of this particular module. So this is kind of like an overview of all the lessons inside the next module.

So let's click next. So introduction to WordPress, how to install a theme, make edits, go and go through some basic settings there. Quiz at the end, next lesson, WordPress plugins. We talk about some important ones. Quick scroll through there, less complete. Website checklist. So this is a downloadable checklist that enables to ensure that when you set up your WordPress website, you, you set it up correctly with all the right settings security, very important, very, very important.

Your website will get hacked and attacked. You show you how to protect it here. Lesson complete preferred webpage builder. So we talk about a product called thrive architect, which is a fantastic web editor. So, if you choose to create your own website, that is a product that you'd probably wanna have a look at.

So going onto the next lesson here, we talk about content delivery network. Why you need to happen, why they're important, what they can do for you. So just scroll through there. Some diagrams, good explanation there. Um, you'll find that some hosting companies will incorporate with a part of the hosting.

Quiz at the end, as you'll see, you'll get, get quite fairly with all the quizzes here, mobile friendly website, why you must have a mobile friendly website, very important. These days, 50% of traffic or, or plus is, is, um, from mobile devices, search, changing optimization, SEO, what you need to know about it, what you can do about it.

Quiz at the end, end of lesson. Website organization data structure. So if you're building your own website or even if you're having outsourced, you need to have some knowledge of how it's going to be structured now for landing pages. This is irrelevant. If you're just doing affiliate marketing, you don't really need to know this kind of stuff, but if you're building website products on there, then you're probably gonna know, want to know the best way of organizing it.

So next subject is creating a creatives. How do you go about getting your images done? Your videos created. You can do them yourself. You can have 'em outsourced, we've got some free tools there. Talk about color schemes. And again, if you go back up there, we've got, um, some free tools in the tab there all listed got there's a Chrome extension, some Chrome extensions that are quite useful that you can have there less in complete.

Interactive video. Now, this is another interesting form of marketing, and we've got an example of an interactive video that you can watch there that we've created. Got I think in fact, we've actually got three different ones. There's um, we've done these clients in other countries as you'll see, I think this one's English, this one's an American speaking lady.

Uh, I think this one's in, um, it could be Spanish from what I remember, but anyway, interactive videos, very great way to, uh, communicate with the audience makes your, your website a lot more engag. So you can see how that works. We've got some templates there. So we've got an interactive video specification template that shows you how to go about specifying, how to get an interactive video done.

And we've got an interactive quiz. Unlike the other quizzes, this one's interactive. So you can take the quiz and actually see how it's used really fascinating stuff. I think so graphics and video resources. So we've, we've listed so many different tools here. Um, we've got some free tools. We've got some pay tools.

We've got some eBooks. Um, there are lots of fantastic tools for you to use for creating your own graphics and videos that are out there. Okay. So now we're gonna do, um, tools of trade websites, more WebPress plugins downloads, Chrome, Chrome, browser extensions. So there are lots and lots of tools. We've actually got this ebook, which you can download.

It's two of them. So we've got the hundred 49 best website resources for you to use the 35 best Chrome extensions for digital marketers. Another quiz at the bottom there. Lesson completed copywriting. We teach about copywriting. It's a very brief lesson copywriting you can spend. That could be a course in its own.

Right. But again, we've got some templates there for you to use. We've got some free tools, um, further reading copywriting, sequence secrets, cash ING, another quiz at the bottom, a mark lesson, complete how to write a blog post that flies. So some instruction down how to composer, blog, some good ideas that you can use in the, the, uh, content of your blog.

And again, we've got a template that you can download that will show you how to structure your blog post for maximum effects and maximum SEO juice. So go onto the next lesson here. eCommerce sites, online payments. So obviously if you are, if you're saying things online, you wanna be able to take payments with credit cards.

You talk about Stripe. Um, that's one that's very popular on the internet. These days you can use PayPal, you can use eBay, WICS WooCommerce. You talk about some payment options there, um, that you can use very, you know, critical. If you wanna be able to take online payments for your good source services. Now we talk about social media marketing and we talk about email.

So this is another module. So I've gonna click down to the end here, got all these lessons listed in site. Next lesson, email addresses, email forwarders, email sequences. You'll probably be dealing with setting up your email. Again, if you are dealing with multiple accounts, if you're dealing with customers multiple email addresses, then you're gonna need to know about some of this stuff.

As with all these lessons, you know, not all of them will be relevant for. I'd suggest that most of 'em are worth of skim through just so you have an awareness so that, you know, they're there and you can go back to them if you need to, but email service providers. And autoresponders, you definitely need to know about emails.

Cause email marketing is a very effective way of marketing. I think the, um, ad spend, um, sorry. The return on investment for email marketing is something like 4200%, which is far higher than any other form of marketing. If you're looking at Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google ads, email marketing just is shoulders the bottom in terms of the, the return on investment spend there.

So again, we talk about some famous, uh, well known email service providers, every who are also responders. Um, it's very important to make sure you take the right step to make sure that. Uh, emails get sent out. Don't go to the spam box of your recipients. So we've got, uh, lesson at the bottom there, introduction to Facebook.

Now Facebook is never changing beast. So you can guarantee that whatever we write today is gonna be out date tomorrow, cuz things change all the time. But a lot of the basic principles still apply and we will be updating these modules from time to time. Customer avatars. You need to know about. Need to understand what they are, why you need 'em for your business, how to create them.

And again, we have, um, a template here, customer avatar template, which you can download. We've got some free tools that you can use as well. Another quiz, if you wanna take it, let's complete that lesson and move on to the next one. Facebook advertising. Now this is really an important module, indeed. Very, very, I.

Facebook again, it's changed a lot in recent times because of the iOS updates and privacy there, but it's still a very effective advertising platform. So we talk about how to prepare your answer there, how to set up your pixel, um, looking at ad testing ads, budgeting optimization, building the at itself, how to use a template, put it into spreadsheet here.

So you've got all your efforts. Very well. Organiz. We talk about how to structure your ad account, the structure of the campaign, the structure of ads themselves, ad assets. Very, very important. So again, I've got a follow along section here that you can look at, show you how to do all the ads very easily.

Quite a lot of work involved is setting up an ad, but that will show you how to do it in great detail. Step by step's quite a few steps as you can see, but lots of screenshots to make it easy for. Lots of explanations of the different aspects of the interface. So come down, take the next lesson,

Facebook advance ads. Now we're gonna do things like retargeting here. Talk about advertising angles and how you can use those in your advertising campaigns. We've got about, we've got a few tools here that we use as connect, explore connectory target, um, got SME books. I've got a complete reference for you that we've, we've written, uh, and there are some free tools there, Facebook business manager, um, which is completely free for you to use.

So next we're gonna talk about Facebook targeting tools. So something called connect IO, which is a really good product. Um, I reckon you just take a look at that. That's something that we. Um, defining an audience, this ven, this is a Venn diagram, which you may be familiar with through your school days.

That talks about how, um, overlapping audiences can be used to refine who you are, targeting your ads for. Got some suggestions for as targeting there, anniversaries, for example, gifts, exclusions, all the things you need to know. Art lessons complete. Facebook pixel and retargeting again, re this is some really powerful, advanced stuff that we're into now.

So explain what the pixel is, how it works, how to set it up and how to use it to best effect, really important stuff. Conversion rate optimization, otherwise known as AB testing, great book here, which goes into huge depth in the subject. But we also show you how to do AB testing yourself, what to test, why you need to use a hypothesis.

So next lesson,

let's wait for the page to load here. It's a bit slow. Now. This is really important. A lot of people, you know, um, aren't so sure how you actually work out. If you're making a profit or loss. It's not, it's not as straightforward as you might think either. So we go through how you calculate. Uh, how to make sure that you're actually running into profit, which you won't always be.

You can expect to run at a loss initially while you are testing your campaigns and optimizing, uh, and once you find the winning combination, that's when you scale up and make a lot more money. That more than covers the losses that you've made through the testing process. Page speed and optimization.

Very, very important. If people, if you're, if your page web pages don't load quickly, people will click away. I think Microsoft did a survey in 2021. The average attention span of human beings is about eight seconds. So we just go through there again, you know, this is a bit detailed, um, might be too technical for you, but at least you have an awareness of all the.

Um, aspects of the, sorry, the different things that can hold up the, the page load speed. So we just show you there. What happens in, in reality, how the actual page gets built. Cause once you understand that, um, if you, you know, you might outsource it to get optimized for you, but if you, at least, if you understand the basic principles, you can know the pinch points that are slowing your webpage down when it load.

We talk about, you know, images, dimension size is really important modification. Again, you know, these are things that will be done by plugins for you, but you need to understand what modification means. It's a, there's a lot of terminology in internet marketing that, um, you, you need to understand render, blocking JavaScript.

Again, that's just basically, uh, JavaScript page that executes on your page. When it's being executed, it's stopping the remainder of your page from loading, from loading.

We've got some tools there that will help you to test the speed of your page and work out whether the, uh, bottle are. We talk about affiliate marketing. One of my favorite subjects, we actually talk about this a little bit in some of our webinars. Um, but it's a great, great way to get started. You don't have to have any stock affiliate marketing.

Now we talk about viral marketing and there is a tool that you can use that will allow you to set up viral campaign. So you can incentivize your audience to share your posts, share your adverts. So you're getting extra free exposure. I just talk about one example there of a viral video just went viral through the natural course of things, um, and was seen by millions of.

so we talk about incentivized sharing. We talk about some pay tools. There's a very good one called up viral. Very good product. Next lesson outsourcing. Now this is a really important module, cuz you're gonna be outsourcing probably all or most of the work that you are doing to set up your online business.

So you need to know how to go about it. It's not difficult, but there are some key things that you need to know. So again, less and. How to set up and use Google analytics. Very important. You need to see where your traffic's coming from, how people are interacting on your webpage. We talk about Google tag manager.

So again, we've got a detail set up there of how you do it all within the page of how you set up your Google analytics. Everything's easier when you know how guys, um, we've got step by step instructions here. And with all this, you know, as with everything we'll find on all of these lessons here, we've got the lessons that show you how to do.

But also we've got a help section. We'll get down to that here, Booker session now. So with the, with the whole program, you get access to me, my team. So if you get stuck, if you can't get your Google tag manager working, click the link Booker call, you'll see the Candra appears there. You just need to select time slot and.

Book a call and we'll, we'll zoom. We'll have a zoom session with you and we'll get you. We'll get you through that problem. Get you over that roadblock, get you onto the next step. And that's that's available in all the lessons. So it's not that lesson complete social media platform is very, very important.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you need to learn about them, what they can do for you. How to go about, use them, how to have a social media campaign, how to go about getting no like, and trust.

Lots of free tools in there as well, social media strategy, they could just randomly posting stuff out there. You do need to have a, a planned strategy so that you do things in the right way. And again, it's gonna vary according to type of business that you have

some good tools to use there, some analytics. So we've got some free tools. These are all good ones that I would re. again, as you get stuck, you can book a session with us, take the quiz. So we're getting well through the course now recommended books. We should always be educating ourselves. And we do that by reading lots of books.

I've got a, I've got a huge physical part and also a backlog on my Kindle and on my audible account with Amazon to listen to books when I'm driving or I'm at the. it's the best way to learn new stuff. So we've got a list there of the books that we recommend for you that will help you hone your skills as an internet marketer.

So conclusions, we're kind of getting towards the end. Now, now I've gone through this quite quickly. Um, the course will probably take you. I would, you could probably get through it in about 30 hours, but yeah, I, I think it's doubtful that anybody would want to go through that quickly. There's a lot of content.

There's a lot of material. Some of the things you'll need to study once or twice. Some of the lessons I'll follow along. So you'll need to kind of pause the lessons, take out some action on the other screen or another browser. Come back to the lesson, move on to the next step. We talk about, you know, this is kind of coming towards the end of the course.

Now, now I've talked about the testing, uh, once before, but again, that's another book that I highly recommend that you read complete

and that's it that's the course over. So I've given you a quick spin through all the lessons. Um, it shows you what's inside. We color just about everything. Um, we, as, as time progresses, we will be adding new lessons, new modules. We constantly revamp the course. So once you've signed up, you've got lifetime access.

So as we add new modules on there for new things that come along, you'll get access to those as well. We're always at the avail available at the end of the phone or on a zoom call to do a screen share to help you out when you get stuck. So we look forward to seeing you on the inside. I hope you enjoyed the overview of the.

And we look forward to working with you. Bye for now.


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