May 24


Top 5 Digital Marketing Skills You Need in 2022

By Paul Jordan

May 24, 2022

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We cover the top skills you need to become a digital marketer in 2022. As the internet grows and evolves every single day, the skills you need in 2022 might not be the skills that were needed 10 years ago. We cover what you need RIGHT NOW, and how you can learn these skills.


Hi, my name is Paul Jordan. And in this video, I'm going to talk about the top five marketing skills that you need to have as an internet marketer today.

So, first skill, copywriting, you need to be able to write powerful, persuasive copy that connects with your audience. And that's everywhere on the internet that you place your content. On blog posts, on social media posts, on your landing pages, you have to write engaging words that capture your audience's imagination, and make them want to read on.

The second skill you need to know about is social media. So social media can be used to promote your brand awareness, you can promote your products on there, you can promote your services, you can get know like and trust through to your audience. And basically, you can build the top part of your funnel, through putting posts out on social media, you can get your audience to get to like you to get to know you to become familiar with you familiar with your branding for your products. So social media is a great way of raising awareness and bringing people to the top of your sales funnel.

Okay, so the third thing, the third thing you need to get really good at or be able to outsource and have done for you are eye catching and colorful videos, graphics, images, and logos. These are the very first things that catch your attention on the internet. People can read your headlines or can read your content, but you need to have a good eye catching image or an eye catching video to get people's attention to make them engage with your posts, engage with your landing pages, and engage with your adverts. And either you can create these yourself for the numerous tools that are available to you for free. Or you can outsource it on the many outsourcing sites that are available such as Fiverr, Guru, and Upwork.

The fourth skill that you need to have is website creation. Now depending on what you're doing, if you're doing something like affiliate marketing, you need to get good at getting your landing pages created. A landing page can be created very quickly, very simply. A landing page is a very simple thing. It doesn't have any distractions, there's no menus, the only thing you can do on a landing page is either hit subscribe or buy or leave. A landing page is a very, very easy thing to create. You need to have the right copywriting, you need to have the right images and videos, and you're probably gonna do some split testing, the ability to create landing pages is a really key asset to have as a digital marketer today, if you're creating an entire website, if you're doing drop shipping, if you're doing products and you have numerous products on your website, you may wish to outsource the creation of your website, but you're still gonna have to have some knowledge. So you can specify what you want done, how you want it to look how you want it to operate. So website creation is the fourth key skill you need to have in your toolkit for internet marketing in 2022

The fifth skill that you need to have for internet marketing in 2022 is the ability to run ads, they can run ads on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google paid ads, there are numerous ways that we can run ads that you need to know the mechanics of setting up an ad, how to pick out your audience how to work out whether you're making money or losing money, how to run them, how to target your audience, work out the right creatives to use for your target demographic. So being able to run ads on all those channels is a really key skill in the World of Internet Marketing.

And that's it. Those are the five skills. We run some regular webinars on some of these subjects. If you look in the description below, you'll see that we currently do one copywriting and we're going to do some future webinars on the subjects that we've covered today. We're going to be doing Facebook ads, Google ads, we're going to be doing how to create videos and images. We have another webinar called agency insider social media secrets which tell you how to create your content, how to get inspired for your content. So you might like to join one of our webinars, the signup links are below in the description. So have a look and see if there's something suitable for you. Finally, this is a very brief video I hope it was useful. I hope it gave some pointers please subscribe below if you're interested. We're gonna be publishing a lot more content on this channel to help you be trained to help you become a professional marketer, good at what you do, and most importantly, how to make money online. So we look forward to seeing on the next video. Thanks for watching!

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