June 14

Bev Perrino’s Testimonial


Physical Therapist Bev Porrino talks about her business and everything she learned with Paul. 

Bev is very adept at her job, but was overwhelmed by the "back end" of her business operation. In two short sessions, she was able to identify what to do with her email list and how to make her work much more efficient - all with Paul's help. 

I just wanted to take a minute to share with you my experience of working with Paul Jordan there. Paul Jordan connected with me, reviling Dan about supporting me as a therapist for the back end of my business. So, you know, I'm working here pretty much daily and I'm good at this, but I'm not good at the other stuff.

The back end of my business, you know, the mountains, the less the connect to the people. And within two really short sessions that were complimentary, I had figured out what to do with my MailChimp is to really want need to how to do all of that and how to make my work a lot more efficient. So I'm also putting some stuff online and Paul has been really helpful in giving me suggestions and ideas on how to do that because I was just getting so overwhelmed.

So thank you, Paul, for your help and support so far. And I'm looking forward to join and use the online program that you have developed to support people like me.

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