June 14

Phelisia Boeree-Grindrod’s Testimonial


Phelisia talks about how she struggled to find motivation to start broadcasting webinars, 

even if she knew just how much webinars could help her business. She met Paul, and everything was completely different. Paul helped guide her through the technical parts of running a webinar, and helped her gain the confidence she needed to put herself out there in front of the camera for her weekly webinar. Webinars are now an integral part to her business and its marketing, all because she had someone guide her and give her that nudge to switch on that camera and finally give it a try.

So last December, I promised myself that I would do a monthly webinar and fast forward seven months. I still had not done anything I had not done, not even started with the webinar and I was really disappointed in myself. So what was stopping me? I think it was really my confidence and it was also a combination probably of my perfectionism as well.

I had made previously I had tried to do an automated working on it. I made about 13 attempts to record that webinar and I think I kept having flashbacks of that, and I think that was kind of stopping me from moving forwards. And I kept just putting it back on the back burner virtually, and just thinking, Oh, I'll do it later, another time.

And I had I had been previously on some other trainings around webinars and I'd had some lots of different advice and things looked me slightly confused. And I'd come away from these meetings, which is laziness of notes and without really any action, not taking any action whatsoever and not moving forward whatsoever with my business. So this meant that I was still lacking in confidence and I wasn't moving forwards at all with the issue.

So then I met Paul and working with Paul was totally different and straightaway he had me taken action. I was scared at first and scared because he he said that I was going to be doing a webinar every week and I was first of all thinking every day it was one month, but now every week. But deep down I guess I was actually excited, excited that I would be finally moving forward, I would be taking action.

And I actually couldn't believe that I would be doing do my webinar at last. So the great thing is that working with Paul, I got to ask all those silly questions, all those, these things that you think you can't possibly ask somebody. He's so friendly, so relaxed. And so I could just ask everything that I wanted to ask.

And most importantly, he had me. So he had me sit in task. So every week he had me doing something and certain tasks he had and he was giving me a home. He would give me comfortable by having some kind of homework or doing something. So by the next week I was moving forward ever so quickly, very fast in fact.

And when it came to doing my first webinar and he was actually the only person in the audience, which was great because the first thing is the first three times I was just getting feedback and I was buzzing at my confidence, which for me was just it was perfect. That was exactly what I needed and what is. But for me, that that was what I what I needed.

And I really found that whose help was invaluable. I think without without his help, I would probably still be stuck. I would I would would not have set up anything whatsoever. And not only was it the the webinar that you helped me set up, but also how we set up the email system and all the marketing and promotion around that as well, which, which was fantastic.

And, and I also what I also really enjoyed was that Paul spent a lot of time getting to know what I needed and what it was that I needed to actually move forward, what I needed to succeed in the work that I needed for my business. And without him, I would have not achieved the same success. Probably still be stuck.

I'd still be there thinking, dreaming about doing a webinar, but not actually doing anything whatsoever. So when when she asked me to to do a testimonial for him, I jumped at the chance, because without him, I would know that I would still be stuck. I didn't hesitate. He's really increased my confidence and doing a webinar has just been key for my business.

So I would just say to anybody who has been thinking about in a webinar and wants to get started doing webinar, call Paul And you know, if, if you want to get yourself started, if you're an entrepreneur or a business owner who's been struggling to get going with webinars, you've got absolutely nothing to lose out. So call Paul today.

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