May 26


How To Define your Target Audience (Using Customer Avatars)

By Paul Jordan

May 26, 2022

Have you ever wondered why some brands are so good at creating ads and content that reaches and really impacts their target audience? We have the secret: they use Customer Avatars (also known as Buyer Personas). This video goes over how you can create these customer avatars, and how they can inform and change your content to better suit your target audience(s)!


Hi, my name is Paul Jordan. I'm here today on the Learn digital marketing expert channel, also known as LDM expert. In this video, I'm going to tell you how to define your target audience using customer avatars. Have you ever wondered how some brands are so good at creating ads and content that reaches their target audience? We have the secret. They use something called customer avatars, also known as personas. This video covers how you can create those customer avatars, and how they can inform and change your content to better suit your target audience. So before we dive in, let's look at why we use customer avatars. There's a famous phrase in marketing, which says: "If you market to everybody, you market to nobody." So just what is an avatar, an avatar is a fictitious representation of your ideal customer. So what avatars do you need? This very much depends on what it is that you're selling. For example, if you run a clothing store, you probably sell a wide variety of clothes that are suitable for all ages, maybe from children through to seniors, maybe for men, and maybe for women. So in that scenario, you probably need to create avatars for men and women, both the younger and the older age brackets, then just think of a single service such as selling car insurance, although it's just one single product, you'd probably want to create a variety of avatars there. For different age groups, different genders, and different demographics, we'd strongly suggest that when you create your avatar, you'd use an avatar template such as this one.

So this template will prompt you to provide a number of attributes for your ideal customer, including their age, their gender, and other demographics, such as their location, culture, and country of origin, together with many other attributes, it will help you get very specific about who your customers are, and also who they are not. I've included a link in the description below, which allows you to sign up and get a copy of our avatar template that you saw in the video just now. So let's look at some obvious examples that I think we all can relate to. If we take the example of lipstick, I'm sure we all realize that the target audience there is going to be women that can be subdivided down into age, there are going to be lipsticks that are sold and targeted for younger women, and those that are going to be totally towards older women, and possibly age ranges in between, then let's look at another product such as beard oil. As you can clearly see, the target audience for beard oil is going to be men, hopefully mostly.

And again, there's going to be different age brackets, you can have young guys and early 20s, Older guys in their 50s. Let's look at car insurance, or car insurance is needed by everybody who owns a car, and it appeals to a very wide audience. You're gonna have young men, young women, older men, older women, and all the ages in between. It's a product that we all use and that we all need to have. So why do we use avatars? The reason we use avatars is to influence the choice of advertising material that we create. It's going to influence the type of image that you use, the video that you use, and also the headlines and the copy, and the overall style of writing in the adverts that you write for your audience. It will help you choose your language style, whether it's formal or casual. For example, you're very unlikely to say: "Hey, dude!" to an older guy to a senior citizen, but that would be fine with a younger person. And again, with a younger person that you'd probably say, "hey", whereas to an old person, you might say "hello",

It's all these subtle things that will vary according to the demographic of your target audience. The language that they use is really important. And I'm sure that we all realize that we would address different people of different ages slightly differently in the language that we would use with them. So when you use images and videos that are more relevant to your target audience, those images and videos are far more likely to resonate with your audience, they're far more likely more to make a connection. And when your content and your adverts makes a strong connection, you're far, far more likely to get good results.

So let's now look at ads targeting. Most advertising platforms give you several targeting options. Usually the very basic ones are things like gender, age, and location. But also some of the additional platforms such as Facebook, give you much more detailed targeting options. And some of these targeting options may map across from the details that you've captured in your avatar spreadsheet or your avatar template. So by looking at your customer avatar attributes, and mapping those across into your advertising platform, you can be sure that your adverts are going to have the best chance of being seen by your target audience. So hopefully by now you can see the need to create and define avatars for your target audiences according to the products and services that you sell.

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